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Your Guide to Finding Cheap Clothes

There is no point in paying hundreds of dollars when it only takes a bit of research to find affordable clothes. Here area some ideas on where to find cheap junior clothing.

Buy Online

There are several Internet stores and auction sites that sell clothes at greatly reduced prices. A search engine will turn up hundreds if not thousands of sites. You can keep abreast of all those special deals by joining the site’s mailing list.

Avoid purchasing wholesale clothes; you will have to buy numerous clothes of different sizes, which you probably do not need

Other Ways to Find Affordable Clothes

Check the local thrift shops. Most of the stuff there will cost a few dollars at the most. Just because they are cheap does not mean they are no good.

Have a look at discount stores; they often sell apparel that look like designer clothes but without the hefty price tag. If an outlet mall is nearby, you can look there too.


Getting on mailing lists is a good way to keep updated on those deals, but do not get carried away. You could end up buying so many junior clothes that it ends up costing you a lot. Even if the product has free shipping, the cost of those junior clothing eventually accumulate.

Keep a record of the amount you are spending. It is all too easy to buy cheap clothes in bulk and lose track of the cost.

Tips on How to Make Cheap Custom T-Shirts

Designing your own t-shirts usually costs a lot of money. But there are ways you can reduce the expenses.

Choose cheap materials like linen, polyester or cotton. The most expensive types are the cashmere, silk and leather. The prices will vary, so have a look around first.

Also steer clear from laborious sewing designs. Shun those fancy folds and shapes, and keep it simple. Fancy folds can be hard to get right particularly if the process is automated.

If you will be making several shirts, reduce the number of buttons and decorations. These are going to drive up the costs. You can reduce expenses by using less fabric. For example, short sleeve, single layer custom t-shirts are cheaper than shirts with several layers.

Tips on Printing and Production

The screen printing should place emphasis on simplicity. Keep the number of colors as low as you can. If possible, choose text over a colorful graphics design.

Graphics will mean higher fees. If you need to use graphics, choose a screen printer that can also design. This will help reduce the costs.

If you are thinking of mass producing, provide choices that can be matched. This will make the shirts unique but reduce the processes required. You should offer colors and designs that can be combined.

As the following makes clear, you have numerous options when it comes to finding cheap clothes. All you need to do is check out the Web and some thrift stores. Chances are you will find cheap but attractive apparel.

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