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Discount T ShirtsT shirts are probably the most popular upper wear, preferred by men, women, children, college goers for their comfort factor and high attitude quotient.

T shirts are considered as the king of street fashion and college kids consider it cool to hang out in sexy t shirts with funky slogans written across the chest and low waist jeans. T shirts have become the “it” summer attire for a vast cross section of society.

However it hardly makes any sense to splurge a fortune on a simple garment like t shirt.

T shirts which are available in malls and departmental stores are highly over priced.

It would be more economical if you could make your own t shirts at home and then add a catchy tag line on the chest of the garment by using fabric or digital printing or other such techniques.

Just look up the current styles in fashion magazines or fashion based web sites, follow their instructions and create your own unique cheap t shirts that will make you a surefire head turner in college. Most teen magazines contain directions for tailoring your own t shirt at home.

Or if you don’t want to get into so much trouble, just hop into the flea markets or beach side markets to strike a great deal. These are some of the best places to source trendy t shirts at rock bottom prices.

Garage sales are also good hunting grounds for t shirts at dirt cheap rates.

When online stores, normal shops and departmental stores offer their season’s end sales and stock clearance sales, you can pick up as many t shirts as you want, for the discounts are up to 70% at times.

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